Acondicionamiento de la carne para su uso industrial (Spanish Edition)

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For both configurations was used EPS plates below the surface to minimize heat losses from the bottom.

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The thermal reservoir of the heating system is, also, alternative and of low cost, since it was constructed from a polyethylene tank for storing water, with volume of end liters. It will be presented the thermal efficiency, heat loss, water temperature of the thermal reservoir at the end of the process and simulation of baths for a house with four residents. It will be demonstrated the thermal, economic and material viability of the proposed collector, whose main innovation is the use of recyclable materials, cans of beer and soft drinks, to increase the temperature of the absorber plate.

Solar air heaters for industrial drying; Aquecedor solar de ar para secagem industrial. Secretaria de Planejamento e Gestao. The objective of this study is to encourage the use of solar energy in industrial drying of fruits, with the producers poles, at the same time, promote the rational use of energy for heat, or replacing the hydroelectric and oil derivatives for this purpose.

This study is presented in the following chapters: availability of solar energy; details of constructive solar heated air; drying fruit; market. Temperatura y humedad relativas en un secador solar de plantas para la salud. Este trabajo describe el desarrollo de un sistema fotovoltaico con seguimiento solar empleando dos ejes motorizados, para su ubicaci??

El proyecto se estructura en seis cap?? La Memoria del Proyecto describe los componentes y procesos involucrados para alcanzar los objetivos. El terc Development of a solar tracker for photovoltaic applications; Desenvolvimento de um rastreador solar para aplicacoes fotovoltaicas. Engenharia Agricola], E-mail: daniel. In this work are presented the design, construction and relevant results related to the production of electricity using a photovoltaic panel attached to the solar tracking mechanism.

The objective was to develop a tracking device with high accuracy, reliable, low cost, high efficiency and easy operation, aiming at the possibility of residential, agricultural and industrial use of solar photovoltaic technologies with high efficiency of conversion. Was evaluated the performance of the tracker, comparing it to a fixed system and based on results analyzed, was observed a significant increase in energy production of photovoltaic panel attached to the tracking system, in relation to the fixed system the slope of the local latitude.

Its performance was satisfactory, electromechanical structure requires no maintenance during the trial even when exposed to various weather conditions. The system showed great potential for application, usability and effectivity. Solar grain drier associated with underground silo; Secador solar para graos associado a silo subterraneo. This paper refers to the design and test of a system including a drier with solar heating and an underground silo for grain storage intend for small farms.

The tests showed good performance of the system. Three tons of moist corn were dried. In this paper the modeling of a flat solar collector for air heating was developed. This collector works with natural convection. The analysis of the collector was made using unsteady mass and energy balances applied to each component of collector. The equations were solved usinga Visual Basic code with the target to simulate the dynamics performance of the collector when the operating conditions and the design parameters are modified.

The dimensions of the collector, the material and dimensions of the covert, the material and dimensions of the absorber plate, the optic efficiency and the type and thin of the insulator are the fundamentals design parameters that can be varied. The results of the simulation show that the software can be used for the design of collectors for heating air.

Additionally, the software permits to determine the temperature of each component, the instantaneous efficiency of the collector and offers the elements to obtain. Desarrollo de un horno solar para el secado de plantas y vegetales usando control difuso. En este trabajo se presenta el desarrollo de un horno solar para el secado de plantas y vegetales utilizando control difuso.

Recently, the use of solar energy in the dehydration of agricultural products is becomingmore common as high yields in the post-harvest products. Investment in technologies forcontributing to the producers of food products is an important factor for the development ofthe productive chains of our country. This paper presents the development of a solar oven fordrying plants and vegetables using fuzzy control.

This is a heat-controlled system that allowsdecreasing the drying time from several days to hours. Drying tests were conducted usingjamaica flower, which could decrease the drying time from four days to about 5 h. We presentboth the conceptual design of the experimental results. The results obtained allow us to seethe feasibility of the proposed design. Full Text Available Dryers heated by solar energy have been constructed and used in drying whole and half jack fruit almonds.

The samples were dried during the day in direct sun and in the conventional solar dryer prepared for this purpose. Another piece of equipment was built for reception and accumulation of sun energy in a body of water, which was used as a heat source for night drying. The drying with the sun energy was compared with artificial drying. The jack fruit almonds were dried whole, half, with pellicle and without it.

The storage of solar energy in water was technically viable for use in night drying. Almond cut in half and the pellicle removed reduced the drying time. As secagens com o uso de energia solar foram comparadas com secagens artificiais. Martinon, A. Solar system design to heating water for a biodigester; Diseno de un sistema solar de calentamiento de agua para un biodigestor.

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Mexico ]. E-mail: monilgc hotmail. E-mail: ltovarg ipn. This evaluation is made by means of the f Method considerating the extraterrestrial radiation, the earth radiation in the zone and the necessary energy to maintain at 55 degrees Celsius the mixture inside the biodigester. To guarantee the good performance of the SSHW, a control and monitoring system for the temperature of the mix inside the biodigester is proposed. It also controls the input and output temperature to the solar collectors, as well as the cost analysis which shows the savings of fuel of the SSHW with a conventional system to heating water.

Dicha evaluacion se realiza por medio del Metodo f de diseno que considera datos de radiacion terrestre, radiacion extraterrestre sobre la zona y la energia necesaria para mantener la temperatura de la mezcla dentro del biodigestor a 55 grados centigrados. Para garantizar el buen funcionamiento del SSCA se propone un sistema de control y monitoreo de la temperatura de la mezcla dentro del biodigestor.

Tambien se controla la temperatura de entrada y salida a los colectores solares , asi como el analisis de costos que muestra el ahorro de combustible del SSCA con un sistema convencional de calentamiento de agua. Foram utilizados 5. ABSTRACT - This experiment was carried out in two phases to study the effect of different heating systems on the productive and bioeconomical performances in broilers.

The heating systems were: fiber glass plate without plastic sheet cover, fiber glass plate with plastic sheet cover; built-in floor resistance without plastic sheet cover, built-in floor resistance with plastic sheet cover; mortar plate without plastic sheet cover, mortar.

Full Text Available When measured daylighting data are not available, but solar radiation is recorded, if values of the luminous efficacy are known, daylighting data can be estimated. In this paper we give the results of measurements of the luminous efficacy of global solar radiation, obtained in Madrid, in April, May and June, , which are the first published for a Spanish location.

We study the dependence of the luminous efficacy on cloudiness. Measurements are compared with those undertaken in other location where continuous measurements are available. We study the dependence of luminous efficacy on solar elevation for different degrees of cloudiness. Se estudia la dependencia de la eficacia con la nubosidad.

For the chosen energetic sources there appear technologies of highfrequency of commutation and of high efficiency.

Technologies of digital simulation validate the results. Para cumplir con este pr Hybrid system: Heat pump- solar air dryer for grains; Sistema hibrido: bomba de calor - calentador solar de aire para el secado de productos agricolas. Design, building, operation and evaluation energy wise of a hybrid experimental type, with heat pump, that uses no chloride, does not destroy the ozone layer.

It is solar air dryer for grains.

GASER - Maquinaria para la industria cárnica y elaboración de embutidos

In this research we dry rice. It has tree systems: 1. The costs is approximately U. The heat pump used 22 refrigerant first, and now works with refrigerant SUVA This refrigerant will be available this year in the I. En este trabajo secamos arroz. Se compone de tres sistemas: 1. La bomba de calor utiliza refrigerante 22 en una primera generacion, y actualmente opera con un refrigerante SUVA , en una segunda generacion, este refrigerante se comercializara en este ano, en la Union Americana, pertenece a la familia de los llamados refrigerantes ecologicos, sustitutos de los clorofluorocarbonados.

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Energy saving plan: use of solar energy in the university of Valencia Spain ; Uso de la energia solar en la universidad de Valencia Espana para ahorrar energia electrica. Gomez Gomez Amo, J. The University of Valencia financed a pilot project that would study the installation's feasibility of a generating station with photovoltaic energy, solar type, in order to replace or complement conventional sources of energy.

This paper presents some of the preliminary results of the study's application in an University building, along with the analysis of the initial situation and the proposals for the handling of reactive energy and the outer and inner lighting as solutions for energy saving. Este trabajo presenta algunos de los resultados preliminares de la aplicacion del estudio en un edificio de la Universidad junto con el analisis de la situacion inicial y las propuestas del manejo de energia reactiva, de iluminacion exterior e interior como soluciones para el ahorro de energia.