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In the home, just thinking about do I have a space where I like to go and sit and get comfortable and relax. Find a space that makes you feel good. When I sit there, I love it, but I need to sit there more. Think about the things that would make you want to sit there more.

I need a bookshelf. You just solved it for me.

Issue no. 33 | April 12222

Thank you. Hey, look at my wall. Can you share, maybe, some fun common decorating mistakes for my listeners? I can.

People hang their art too high. I often give a guideline of art in general, in most spaces, the center of your art should be 60 inches from the floor. You can imagine, if you have a 40 inch tall piece, then the center of that is 20 inches, measure 60 up from the floor and put 20 inches of the art right there. We want it at eye-level. They take the distance between whatever the piece is and the ceiling and they put it in the center of that space, instead of working from the ground up. Conversely, people often hang their draperies and curtains too low. They hang them right at the tiptop of the window trim, instead of going almost all the way to the ceiling, and raising that eye up a little bit and elongating the space.

33rd CBM Collaboration Meeting (April 5, )

The draperies are too short and their hung too low, and so that scale needs to be going up, and the opposite of the art. The other scale issue is often area rugs, too small. It should really have all the furniture front legs, or more on a rug, in a living space, or go to encompass almost the whole room if you can, with like a 12 inch border or something.

Those are kind of the three things that visually enhance a space when you change those. Yes, guilty of the curtains, for sure. Those are, like you said, kind of fun. I have noticed that. If you could get all future empty nesters in one gianormous room, and give them one piece of advice, what would it be? I think especially, in transitions, such as an empty nest transition, your home can do so much to support you.

I think sometimes decorating is viewed as purely aesthetic, but I firmly believe that from the way our rooms are arranged to the way the color and the fabrics we use enhance your mood, they enhance your life. We talked about the bedroom. Enhancing that can firmly enhance your marriage. Do we want coffee together every morning? Do we want to have dinner parties. What do we want to do? Do we want the kids to come home? Are we going to create a patio so that they enjoy coming home. Really use your home as a tool, so start looking at it in that way, and if you are going to be selling it, even in 10 years, I always say make the improvements now, so you can enjoy them.

You kind of go through that list and think, okay, if I am going to sell in 10 years, look at the big things, the flooring, the shutters, the front door, any of the architectural elements, the painting. Think of your home as just such an asset into how you feel about your life. There is always ways to find advice on how to do those things. You have to understand that it can make a big difference.

Some of the things that you can do now, while your child is transitioning, are these things, which is really nice, and they benefit future you. You can still use your GPS. You can still use your future you. Where are they going to be? Let it be a tool and an asset, and enhance everything, whether your staying or going. Your home is not a burden, and it supports you. It really is. I want a new career. I want a new job. I think this podcast will have been out where I talk about simmering.

Good stuff, April. Thank you!

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I like that. You need time, right? Is there anything else you would like to share with my amazing future empty nest friend? I wanted to share that I offer a video service to help take clients through my seven steps of design. I just bring that up, so that if people hear all this advice and want more information, I can work with people around the world, via video, to go through some design problems and solve challenges.

You can link to that, if you want, on your notes. I will definitely link to it in my notes. Yeah, she could look at my wall and be like, no. Before you go, I have four questions that I ask every guest of mine. First, waffles or pancakes? Any reason? You just like them? I had a choice, and I was like, I definitely want waffles. The nooks, the butter sits in the little holes, I just love it. This is a tough question. I like it. Please give yourself plenty of time to find parking. At pm, we will head to the Bank and demand that they divest from the Permian Basin. It is time they are held accountable for funding climate disaster and human rights abuses.

What to bring: Posters with messages denouncing Chase and the fossil fuel industry, megaphones, drums, your own reusable water bottle. Rather than investing in fossil fuel projects, banks should be divesting from the fossil fuel industry and investing in renewable energy sources.

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  • Since Chase Bank has shown in the past that they value power and profits over the health of the earth and its people, we understand that we must put pressure on them to divest in the form of PEACEFUL protest. We will be lying down for all the future generations who will die due to ecological breakdown. Bring your friends.

    Is this your first time here?

    Meet at in the parking lot of the abandoned business at the corner of Lamar and W Riverside. Details: The Thicket South Austin Food Park is a family friendly community space with a playground so bring the whole family to join in an evening of art, community, and good food! XR Austin wants to take part in creating a world that is fit for generations to come; we welcome you to come hang out and share in the spark of our creative resistance.

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    3. Krivenko M.I. April, 33 x 47, oil on cardboard, 1956.
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    Stop by our info table to hear more about the international movement, recent Austin actions, or let us know what your own hopes for the future are. In this Flash-Rebellion, we honor and defend the Earth and all green living things with a symbolic action of prayer, song, celebration and regeneration. Stay tuned for information on how to converge on a precise location.

    At the 3rd Hour, on 3rd of April, 33 AD, Messiah Was Nailed to a Cross

    We are collecting and delivering public comments to the governing body in change of the water quality of our River. We will read the Declaration of Rebellion and let the commissioners know that if they ignore the public input requested, we will become more difficult to ignore. We will attend the annual EarthWalk as an XR contingent. We came up with the idea of making plastic refuse ponchos that we could walk under as a group, resembling the floating continents of garbage in our ocean whorls and shorelines.

    Our aim is to connect this plastic to the massive refinery complex proposed for the Ohio River Valley and to get out in public, Rebel for Life.


    Dress up as your favorite endangered species, bring a sign and a song or a performance art piece if you wish! Candles will be provided. Mourners will lay out the extinction symbol in flowers while they ring bells together to sound the first toll of the death knell for our planet. This visit comes after several unreturned requests to meet with Editor Brian McGrory to discuss how the Globe can fully communicate the perils of climate inaction.

    With their call to action delivered, rebels will demonstrate how to fulfill this mission, distributing alternative newspapers that accurately reflect the crisis while some members of XR will take acts of non-violent civil disobedience in testament of the gravity of the challenges facing all of humanity.

    Details: Easter morning surprise!