Changes and Shifts: A Personal Journey

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What Is Transactional Coaching? What Is Transformational Coaching? In Transformation, What Is Transforming? Coaching Transformation. A Gateway Practice. What Is Pain?

Nothing Changes Unless There Is An Emotional Shift

Heal Your Own Pain First. Around the world, across cultures and religions, people are awakening to the potentials and realities of higher consciousness. More and more people are sensing and desiring a connection with their deeper essence, and feel compelled by an inexplicable life force to understand the greater nature and meaning of existence. The veil then begins to lift and the awakened mind becomes aware of living in a distorted perceptual reality, a dream of self-imposed limitations, where what was thought to be true is in fact a shadow dance masking an expansive and encompassing Truth.

While awakening is not by any means the end of our evolutionary adventure, it is a significant transition point from one state of consciousness to another. One of the benefits of awakening is a slow disassociation from the world of form combined with a deeper knowledge and appreciation of our spiritual nature.

Discovering who we are at this level drives the experiences that shape our life and gives meaning, value, and purpose to our existence. Another benefit is that we become increasingly adept at determining where we must grow in order to experience more of our true Self, our eternal spiritual nature. The courageous among us decide to heal by facing the darker aspects of our personalities, replacing them with spiritual attributes that nurture our evolving soul.

Genuine healing requires complete honesty with oneself, and it is hard to acknowledge our deepest fears, our weaknesses, our vulnerabilities, and to abandon what we have long held to be necessary or true, even when it holds out the promise of a better life. Awakening invites us to spend more time at the level of being and in the company of our true Self, and to observe how our life changes when we do. Those who progress along the transformational path become more intuitive and creative when facing the problems of daily living; they seem to find solutions with greater ease than do others, and they feel the impulses of inspiration more frequently.

There is more energy available, as well as greater joy, peace, vitality, and connection with others and the natural world. This is the result of having a mind that now pays attention to those vital aspects of the inner realm that were always there but remained unnoticed due to the veil of egoic thought.

The journey of transformation takes us to a rich and rewarding discovery of the vast potential contained within ourselves and others, yet the discovery requires each of us to undertake that grand transformation. And many people who have awakened hesitate at this point; they hold themselves back from committing fully to their own transformation, from diving deep and getting to essence, from exploring the edges of their existence. Why do they hesitate? Because the unknowns of the journey trip their alarm bells.

Deep down they question:. And although this shift naturally engenders fear and trepidation, it can not only be supported, it can be accelerated. If you desire to deepen your participation in this process, this book is for you. Every day I have the privilege of working with people from all corners and cultures of the world who feel a powerful inner call to participate in the flowering of human consciousness.

Personal Transformation

They seek to know more about who they are, to bring meaning and value to their lives, to heal and to grow into more complete, radiant expressions of selfhood, and they desire to support others to do the same. These people label their work differently—they may call themselves anything from coaches, healers, facilitators, to teachers, leaders, storytellers—but what they all share is that they are becoming exceptional facilitators of transformation and guides to a greater reality. Although this book is about Deep Transformational Coaching or Deep Coaching, for short , it is written to address some pertinent questions: questions that, when answered, equip people, regardless of their work, to become facilitators of awakening and transformation:.

These and many other such questions will be answered in this book. And as much as this knowledge and information will enable you to support the growth of others, this book is first and foremost for your growth. Its primary intention is to bring about a shift in your own consciousness, to help you experience more of the truth of Who You Are: your essential Self and nature. When accessed in the right way, this material and the practices will act as a catalyst for your own transformation.

What this book is not is a collection of tools and techniques to pick through and apply in your coaching sessions or into your chosen field of service. You can read it in that way, but you would be missing out because it offers you so much more.

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This is a book about awakening and transformation—the most profound, sacred, and mysterious of human experiences—and how we optimally position ourselves to support it. This work begins and ends with your own consciousness. And your capacity to support others in their transformation is proportionate to the degree that you bring your own consciousness to the recognition of your own Reality.

My request is that you allow yourself plenty of time to reflect on and assimilate what you will learn here, applying it to your own life before applying it to the lives of others. Most importantly, the ideas and concepts presented in this book are intended to give rise to an experience, as they themselves are the product of the new consciousness. A question you can ask yourself at any time is:. As you assimilate the lessons, a shift will take place within you, and you will experience yourself as more complete, more real, more whole, more awake, and more alive.

Your unawakened mind will also be stirred as you read this book; it is a necessary part of the transformation of consciousness to recognize those aspects of the mind which are in need of attention and healing—how the unawakened mind thinks, speaks, and acts. We cannot grow into the fullness of our enlightened Self if we do not shine a light onto the shadowy aspects of our unawakened self. For most people, this part of the transformational process causes discomfort and dis-ease.

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I encourage you to stay with it and recognize it for what it is: your egoic consciousness fighting for its survival in the face of the emerging light of a new consciousness. And if you desire to support others in their transformation, it is important that you have experienced for yourself the process of facing and healing the shadows of the unawakened you.

As you work with the nine transformative practices that form the foundation of Deep Coaching, as you apply them to all the situations and circumstances of your life, you will become a transformational presence. What you call yourself or the kind of work you do is far less important to supporting transformation than the quality of your being. The light of your consciousness weaves the space in which transformation unfolds. Be that light and bear witness to what becomes possible.

Focus On The Lesson, Not The Problem

You do not need to have any coaching background or experience in order to gain tremendously from reading this book, nor have plans to become a Deep Coaching practitioner in the future. At its essence, this book is about learning to hold space for transformation , a space in which ways of being and consciousness shift naturally and organically.

And it is written for all those who desire to understand and support the journey of awakening and transformation, for themselves or for others. I am, however, a professional coach, and this book is written from a coaching perspective. From years of experience, I have come to trust that, as an approach to human development, coaching has enormous potential.

No matter your profession, you will benefit from an understanding of the transformative coaching principles and practices presented here. In comparison with other professions which explore the human experience, such as psychiatry, psychology, or therapy, coaching is a newbie, having come into existence as a profession as recently as the s. Yet within this short timeframe there has been a remarkable global surge of interest.

Works by Leon VanderPol

Coach training schools are flourishing, more and more universities are offering coaching as a course of study, and progressive organizations are increasingly making it part of leadership training. Professional coaches abound. Technology is being assimilated into the fabric of the enterprise. And this trend is spreading fast — from easily digitized industries such as finance, media and telecom into sectors such as manufacturing, automotive and transportation. This is a time for courageous leaders — those that can understand the scale of change coming and plan for it, while simultaneously evolving their existing businesses and assets.

We can help you plot a path to success in a fast-changing world. The Seismic Shifts program is an ongoing series of articles, webinars and customer stories that explore in detail the drivers behind these radical changes. You can download our Seismic Shifts white paper, to learn about about the extent of changes that are on the horizon. Technology has fundamentally changed your world Successful leaders stay ahead of the competition by constantly assessing new opportunities for their tech-driven businesses.

The future is here.