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Computer, pause. This is not an ideal time. Fifteen of them on that alien ship.

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He pulls back the curtain for her. Travis called me down to decon a few weeks ago. He said that he brought some kind of gelatinous lifeform aboard. He said it might be sentient, that the Captain needed me to figure out how to communicate with it. It was only strawberry gelatine.

Bloody Disgusting!

I told him I was going to get him back. I'm sorry. An isolytic shock instantly impairs the nervous. That's odd. He looks at the monitor. All of them. Excuse me, Ensign. REED: No. It doesn't look like Travis used the comm. Crewman Hayes says she passed him on his way to the launch bay but they didn't speak. She said he seemed to be in quite a hurry. There is text on a monitor. REED: It's a letter to his sister. It was on the monitor when I came in.

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I'm afraid there isn't much here. He mentions something about cancelling breakfast with him. I had to postpone it. Have we been able to locate his parents? Cargo ships aren't always easy to track down. I need to see you right away. This is not Ensign Mayweather. I've never seen a lifeform duplicated in such extraordinary detail, from its epidermis down to its cellular proteins. This is remarkable work. Would you mind rolling up your sleeve? Phlox puts a cuff over Archer's wrist and shows his bloodstream on the monitor.

Most of them are still in your bloodstream. They typically survive for, oh, at least several weeks. He does the same for the body. If anything, they would have multiplied. I believe that someone, or something, has abducted Ensign Mayweather and left this facsimile in his place. The station can duplicate a dead human body in all its exquisite detail, yet a living, simple, one-celled organism is beyond its capability. Their son may still be alive. You and Trip managed to get pretty far inside the station. How close do you think you got to the computer core?

REED: We were within twenty metres when we tripped the sensors. REED: I believe so. T'POL: Our repairs will be complete in nineteen minutes. The station's expecting us to depart. As the last welding arm withdraws from Enterprise's hull, Trip pushes a trolley with four plasma canisters through the doorway. Which slides out from the wall. Hold on.

There's a couple of problems we need to discuss first. Now, I'm not real happy with the quality of some of your work. Are you listening to me?

I'm afraid they're not up to Starfleet specs. And the subspace amplifier you repaired?

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We're picking up distortion on all the high-band frequencies. Archer pulls T'Pol up into the ventilation shaft. The customer's always right. Maybe you should make that part of your programme. I want to know how someone files a grievance around here.

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REED: It's there, about five metres ahead. He crawls forward to the iris, sets off the alarm and gets beamed out to the Bridge while Archer and T'Pol take readings. Then they use their phase pistols. He runs away. T'Pol disables the transporter sequence, then gets the iris open by firing at it.

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They make their way out of the shaft into a more shabby part of the station, where people are draped over benches hung from the ceiling at various heights, and hooked up to a what looks like a central unit. Vacate this section or your vessel will be compromised. T'POL: I'm detecting one human biosign. T'POL: Their vital organs appear to be functioning. They've suffered severe neurological damage. T'POL: Their synaptic pathways have been reconfigured, integrated into the computer core. T'POL: Captain. She's found Travis, suspended high up.

Archer climbs up and starts pulling tubes out of him. REED: Three of the station's arms have just clamped on to the hull. REED: There's no effect. Power starts to fluctuate.

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REED: They're going offline.