Double Digits (Annie Malone, P. I. Suspense Mysteries Book 1)

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Liam Mulligan, a reporter for the Providence Dispatch, investigates, in his fourth outing. This postapocalyptic thriller reimagines the Lewis and Clark saga, after a super flu and nuclear fallout have made a husk of the world we know. Beecher White makes an alarming discovery on the White House grounds: a severed arm buried in the Rose Garden. In this tale of suspense, Andrew Rush, a critically and commercially successful mystery novelist, has a secret: under a pseudonym he pens potboilers that are violent, lurid, even masochistic.

When Sir Henry dies under suspicious circumstances, Max investigates.

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Normal by Graeme Cameron Mar. In this first novel, a bumbling British serial killer initially slaughters his female victims without remorse. Then he has a baffling change of heart, and establishes nonpredatory relationships with three women, one of whom he falls in love with. Pleasantville by Attica Locke Apr. On election eve , a young black woman who was volunteering for a mayoral candidate goes missing from Pleasantville, a hamlet for upwardly mobile blacks on the north side of Houston. When an arrest is made in the case, attorney Jay Porter must navigate a maze of dark money and family secrets in his effort to achieve justice.

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In the depths of the Knight Hawk, one of the last working coal mines in downstate Illinois, the body of a reporter is found, his mini-recorder tied around his neck and a notepad stuffed in his mouth. Taft is the elusive monster Billy is fated to hunt, probably even after retirement. Ghost Fleet by P. The United States, China, and Russia eye each other across a 21st-century version of the Cold War, which suddenly heats up at sea, on land, in the air, in outer space, and in cyberspace.

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To prove her innocence, Hannah must identify who really murdered Judge Colfax. In the fifth Michael Kelly mystery, the Chicago PI goes looking for disgraced Illinois governor Ray Perry, who disappeared from a federal courthouse shortly after being sentenced to 38 years in prison on corruption charges.

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White Crocodile by K. Tess Hardy thought she had put Luke, her violent ex-husband, firmly in her past. Keiko Nishisato is delighted to leave Tokyo for the University of Edinburgh to complete her psychology studies. Henry Pelham has arrived from Europe for a quiet dinner at a Carmel, Calif. What starts as an effort to wrap up a case involving a terrorist attack on the Vienna Airport turns into something much bigger.

PDF Double Digits (Annie Malone, P. I. Suspense Mysteries Book 1)

Badlands by C. A plot to destabilize the U. After trading confidences, Lily agrees to help Ted murder his unfaithful wife once they return to the States. Cyr Novel by C. Harris Mar. In this Regency historical, the 10th featuring Sebastian St. Cyr, the aristocratic sleuth investigates the murder of a man who collected the heads of notable historical figures—whose own severed head winds up perched on a London bridge.

The Replacements by David Putnam Feb. Bruno Johnson, a former L. In , the U. The disclosure of a murderous conspiracy would all but cinch the vote for one side. Chief Insp. Thomas Lamb investigates the brutal killing of an old man, the subject of a demonic local legend, while the Battle of Britain rages in the skies above the English countryside.


Werewolf Cop by Andrew Klavan Mar. Zach Adams, a Houston homicide detective known for his integrity under fire, pursues a European gangster who has taken over the American underworld. Along the way, Zach gets transformed into something horrible—and deadly. In her fourth outing, solitary London psychotherapist Frieda Klein faces her most personal case yet when a former classmate appears at her door, begging for her help.

The Silent Girl (Rizzoli & Isles #9) by Tess Gerritsen Audiobook Full

Cyril Solverson, a Wisconsin nursing home resident obsessed with biographical trivia, woos a new resident, a sophisticated, French-born woman, while dealing with a menacing thug who once kidnapped him and stole his wallet before abandoning him in a snowstorm. In the 11th medieval whodunit featuring Prioress Eleanor, the imperious Fr. This story takes the reader to the world of Irish gypsy's in the s, also known as 'tinkers'.

It's a quest for truth about the heritage and family of a young boy, Christy, who is searching to discover his true self among familial secrets and the struggle to figure out what and where home is. From the beginning, you'll root for Christy and will hold your breath until the truths are finally revealed.

Me Before You , by Jojo Moyes. You know the kind of book that from the first page, has you obsessed and wanting to spend every free moment curled up somewhere inhaling it?

This is that book. It's not necessarily the best book, nor the most well-written, or even the most original story.

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But there's an 'it' factor here that will have you completely absorbed, late into the night, dying to find out how it ends, and when it does, racks you with sobs and leaves you utterly breathless. This is a book that did not leave my mind for several days after. If you were to read the jacket of this, it sounds light and sort of fluffy, and while there are those elements on the surface, the underlying messages are political, thought-provoking and wrenching. A perfect summer book. Alison Keegan, Admin. Assistant and Supervisor of Academic Administrative Services. Here are some good reads and not-so-good reads that I've experienced this year:.

It's a story of the development of a Maine island and the generations of families who nurtured the community and, ultimately, nurtured feuds and divisions that threatened the island's future. Her characters are true-to-life and her descriptions of the island, landscape and seascape are wonderful. When We Were the Kennedys by Monica Wood -- I'm so glad that this book was chosen as the "community read" for the first-years. It was a sweet, touching book that celebrates place and family. The first story in the collection took my breath away.

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She is able to draw vivid characters and situations, making every single word count. I'm looking forward to reading more of Alice Munro. Set 30 years or so ago, it recounts a horrible crime and how a teenage boy takes it upon himself to find the perpetrator, when the traditional investigation and prosecution resources fail because of conflicting tribal, local, and federal laws. Although the subject matter is important, the characters didn't resonate with me.

I've been reading a lot of science fiction recently, with my favorite this year being Downbelow Station by C. Cherryh At first I thought it was about endings, but as author Kate Atkinson drew me into her latest, Life After Life , I realized it is about beginning. The beginning of the same person over and over leads to different lives, and changes other lives and even history in this novel. Prepare to have your own narrative fade as Atkinson takes charge. Begin in … and then begin again and again. A student browsing in the bookstore recommended Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.