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Your Bank or other financial institution will not ask you to provide logon details in an email. Similarly companies will not ask for personal details online in an unsolicited email. If there is a link in the email, hover the mouse over the link and see where it will actually take you. Report these scams to the Bank or your provider and to your local Garda Station. If you come across material that you think may be illegal, then you should report it to www.

Note that this is an anonymous service and you do not have to give your name or any personal information. If you come across this kind of material on a computer or a network you should report it to your local Garda station. Cybercrime is not a new phenomenon and while many crimes are now committed online, not every online crime is a cyber crime. Some are frauds or other offences that have been committed over a computer network. All crimes or suspected crimes should be reported to your local Garda station. Seek legal advice from your solicitor where necessary. The Internet has increasingly become a forum for people to post unacceptable comments and material about others with little thought for the personal affect such material has on their intended victim.

Many online users use the anonymity provided by online forums to post comments without consequence. Currently Irish criminal law provides no restriction around posting comments to social media unless the contents amount to harassment.

In most cases comments that are offensive or hurtful may be defamatory and are not criminal in nature. In such cases you should consult with a solicitor about any civil action that can be taken. Most social media services offer their users a method of lodging complaints about content posted to their forums using their online complaints email or abuse reporting link. In some cases you can also lodge an online report about an individual posting or a user and ask for it to be removed or suspended.

All requests for the removal of material and fake profiles from social media networks should be submitted to the network using their public online reporting or complaints processes.

Fraudulent Email Warning

This is not a definitive guide and is merely intended as assistance where complaints concerning abusive or false material on social networking platforms are received. As a result of opening an infected email or an infected website, a virus or malware is downloaded to your computer which then encrypts the contents or locks the computer and prevents it from starting up.

The computer then displays a message which demands payment of Bitcoins, an online currency, in order to obtain a release code and regain access to your computer again. You can check on www. Otherwise you should contact a reputable IT repair specialist. Do not pay any ransom as there is no guarantee you will get back control of your computer. Make sure you have up to date anti-virus and anti-malware protection installed and running on your computer.

This is a lottery scam and you should ignore it.

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The email will say you just need to send a processors fee to an account or via a money transfer service to receive your prize. An email in broken or poor English is received and it states that the sender is the wife or representative of a decease foreign dignitary such as a President of a country or a company. He has left millions of Euros or Dollars in a bank account and the money is now frozen. The sender of the email asks for help is releasing the funds and tells their target that they were identified as a helpful and honourable person.

They are offered a bonus for helping and a draft is sent which they are asked to lodge and send back a processors fee using Western Union or some other money transfer service. However the draft is forged or fake and the fee is lost. Advertisements for goods on sale or auction sites are often cloned after the original sale is complete. Details of the merchandise, photos and seller details are faked and offers to purchase are invited from other users of the site.

Always use a secure payment service where refunds are guaranteed in the event of fraud and only purchase from reputable sellers. If unsure, walk away. Call your friend to confirm they are in trouble or check with other friends. It is possibly a 'Help Me' email which typically involves a victim receiving an urgent message from a relative or friend saying they have been mugged on holidays and need urgent help.

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All their money and cards, as well as passport and mobile phone, have been stolen and they need urgent financial assistance until they get home. You are asked to send money using a money transfer service and they will repay you. You agree and the fraudster calls to an office of the service pretending to be your friend using fake ID purchased over the internet and withdraws the money. It happens when you are bidding on a product on an online auction or sale site but are unsuccessful.

What happens when you email a government department in Irish?

However you then receive an email from the person who states they are the seller and they have another similar item which they will sell to you privately. You complete the process and transfer money to the pretend seller using a money transfer or payment service.

However the seller is false who regularly monitors high value or high interest sales. You could be the target of a fake buyer. You advertise a product online on an auction site or similar and receive an offer from another user of the site. They are extremely interested in the goods. You are asked to confirm you have sent the product but you soon realise the email is forged.

PayPal never confirm payment by email. In this scam you receive a call from someone saying they are from Microsoft or they represent Microsoft and they are calling about problems with your computer. They ask you to go online and connect to a site or a link they give you. However they are only deleting logs of everyday issues that exist on most computers or normal records.

They then ask you for payment for doing nothing and may continue to take other payments from your card or account without your knowledge. In addition, they have access to your computer and its contents. You could be the victim of a card security breach. They will ask you to confirm your card details or your bank and then pretend to hang up.

You dial your bank's number but the fraudster is still on the line and pretends to be from your bank. They ask you to confirm your account details and the PIN code for your card.

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  7. If you do they now have all your details and proceed to use the card online. Ignore the call and report it to your local Garda station.

    Scam Warning – Emails

    A company finance officer receives an email which appears to be from the Chief Executive Officer saying that he is closing an important deal with a supplier and he needs a payment processed immediately. The deal is hush-hush and he is not able to discuss it but will reveal all when his meeting ends. He is not available but wants an immediate confirmation that the payment has been made. However the supplier has a new bank account into which the payment should be made.

    He supplies the account details of the new account. However the email is fake and the account has nothing to do with the supplier. By the time the fraud is noticed the money has been transferred out of the account. Always check email addresses for subtle differences such as Michael domaine. If in doubt call the executive or wait. Detailed billing will assist in identifying any potential unauthorised calls, usually International calls but they can also be National telephone calls.

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