Find Your Perfect Job: The Inside Guide for Young Professionals

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Internships vary depending on field, previous experience, skills, and German language proficiency. It is up to each participant to be realistic about his or her capabilities while making the most of the opportunities that present themselves. Compensation ranges from unpaid to generous salaries plus housing allowances. If the internship pays less than a certain amount determined each year by the administering organizations participants will continue to receive program stipends to cover basic living costs.

If the internship pays very generously, living costs during the internship phase are usually covered by the salary. In some cases, however, participants will be required to supplement their salaries with personal funds in order to cover living expenses see above. The program is designed to house participants with German hosts, to provide a cultural immersion experience. In some cases, participants live in student dormitories or in shared apartments.

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Participants are expected to integrate into family life, including taking part in family activities and household life. The program insurance will cover you for sickness and accidents while you are in Germany. It is important to note that the insurance does not cover pre-existing medical conditions, and only covers participants while they are in EU countries. The program insurance therefore will not cover you in the United States, and you will need to make sure you have insurance coverage prior to departing and upon your return to the United States. If a participant has a medical condition deemed to potentially have a significantly negative impact on the administration of their program, their administering organizations may require that they purchase a supplemental insurance policy to cover the condition.

All participants are required to return to the United States for the evaluation seminar in Washington, D.

All the advice you need to take control of your professional life

This is a U. Department of State grant-supported cultural exchange that is funded for the purpose of promoting German-American relations, and assumes that participants will return to their native country to share their experiences upon completion of the program. While it is the desire of the U. While CBYX is not a direct exchange between families or colleges, many participants are able to involve their family or college in the reciprocal side of the program.

Learn how our work empowers people to drive positive change in themselves, organizations, and society in our interactive annual report. Learn More. Eligibility CBYX is open to candidates in all career fields , and applicants from a broad range of backgrounds are selected for the program each year. How to Apply Request an Application All applicants must complete an online application and submit all supplemental materials by December 1 for the program year beginning the following July.

A complete application consists of: Online application form; requiring copies of the following documents to be uploaded with your submission Resume Copy of official transcript showing at least the last two years of study Proof of U. Alumni U. Program Year. Study Phase October-February Following completion of the language school phase, participants relocate to their permanent placement location for the remainder of the program. Internship Phase March-June With the support of their regional program representative during the study phase, participants seek and apply to internship positions in the area of their permanent placement, and secure an internship that is ideally directly related to their career fields.

CBYX participants come from a wide range of backgrounds and career fields. One aim of the selection process is to put together a group of participants that represents the diversity of the United States, including diversity among career fields. This list is by no means exhaustive, but represents fields of CBYX participants in recent years.


All applicants should have some relevant internship, work, or volunteer experience in their career field. Do I need to speak German? Can I still receive financial aid while participating in the program? What kind of assistance will I receive while in Germany? Symonds set up the Londoner in Sydney blog which provides advice on moving to and living in Sydney. Her advice to new arrivals looking to stay in the country is to search for jobs that could lead to sponsorship later on — but if people are struggling to find work, try applying for more-abundant temporary work through recruitment agencies.

Picking the right employer to sponsor you is also crucial. A sponsorship ties you to one company for your right to stay in the country — and you can only move jobs if another company agrees to take over the sponsorship. To avoid problems later on Lombard recommends being up front about your long-term plans during the interview and finding out if the company is in a position to sponsor you. If you have a working holiday visa and are looking to find a sponsor after landing in Australia, you should also make sure the job you find is potentially eligible for sponsorship.

And that you will enjoy the work, warns Symonds.

Looking for a job? Browse Guardian Jobs for your next career step. Which visa? Research in the science of decision-making collected over several decades shows that intuitive decision-making only works in certain circumstances. For instance, your gut instinct can tell you very rapidly if someone is angry with you. This is because our brain is biologically wired to rapidly warn us when in danger. Your gut can also be amazingly accurate when trained.

However, gut decision-making is poor when it comes to working out things like how fast a business will grow, who will win a football match, and what grades a student will receive. Earlier , we also saw that our intuition is poor at working out what will make us happy. Career decision-making is more like these examples than being a chess grandmaster. This is exactly the situation with career choices: we only make a couple of major career decisions in our life, it takes years to see the results, and the job market keeps changing.

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This all means your gut can give you clues about the best career. See our evidence review for more detail. Then they recommend careers that match that type. In the table above, the tests that best predict performance are those that are closest to actually doing the work with the interesting exception of IQ.

This is probably what we should have expected. A work sample test is simply doing some of the work, and having the results evaluated by someone experienced.

How to Find Fulfilling Work

Peer ratings measure what your peers think of your performance and so can only be used for internal promotions. Job tryout procedures and job knowledge tests are what they sound like. But eventually you need to actually try things.

How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You) — Wait But Why

The closer you can get to actually doing the work, the better. But a career decision will influence decades of your life, so could easily be worth weeks or months of work. Early on you know relatively little about your strengths and options. Also consider trying one or two wildcards to further broaden your experience.

These are unusual options off the normal path, like living in a new country, pursuing an unusual side project or trying a sector you would have not normally have worked in e. Many successful people did exactly that. Tony Blair worked as a rock music promoter before going into politics. As we saw, Condoleezza Rice was a classical musician before she entered politics, while Steve Jobs even spent a year in India on acid, and considered moving to Japan to become a zen monk. The typical 25 to year-old changes jobs every three years, 4 and changes are not uncommon later too.

Trying out lots of options can also help you avoid one of the biggest career mistakes: considering too few options. Pushing yourself to try out several areas will help you to avoid this mistake. Try to settle on a single goal too early, however, and you could miss a great option. All this said, exploring can still be costly. Trying out a job can take several years, and changing job too often makes you look flaky.

How can you explore, while keeping the costs low? How best to narrow down?

9 Different Ways to Find a New Job

Since gut decision making is unreliable, it helps to be a little systematic. Many people turn to pro and con lists, but these have some weaknesses. You can also use it when you need to compare options to shortlist, or compare your current job against alternatives. Write out your initial list, including both what problem you want to focus on and what role you want e.

Then force yourself to come up with more. You can find ideas in our previous articles. But here are some questions to help you think of more:. Here are some questions you can use to do the assessment, and a worksheet. Then, try to cut down to a shortlist.

You can add up all your scores to get a very rough ranking of options.