How Business Authors Work with Ghostwriters

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Business book ghostwriting: frequently asked questions

This is where a ghostwriter comes in. A ghostwriter is a professional writer who creates copy without using his or her own name. Corporate blogs, social media posts, and even bestselling novels are often created by ghostwriters.

Sometimes ghostwriters are freelance writers, used only for a single project. More often, a ghostwriter becomes a member of a company team, writing tons of content under the name of an exec at the company or under no name at all. Sometimes freelance writers have their name on the work. But, you can hire freelance ghostwriting services. While a ghostwriter creates original content on their own, a co-author writes a book or piece with another co-author, using their actual name. That is, unless a book with two co-authors is ghostwritten.

Believe nothing. Except us. In short, a lot of people simply like the acclaim that comes with being a published author. It could even help your new small business get more customers if that credibility bit pans out. Selling books is tough work, however. Granted, this may lead you to a terrible ghostwriter. Hey, you never said it had to be a good book. Rather than hop onto the first freelance site you find, ask your professional network and see if anyone knows a talented ghostwriter. If someone has a connection, great! You can start wining and dining them now. If not, then you need to take your hunt elsewhere.

Take your search to a job board like Indeed or FlexJobs. These will allow for a larger candidate pool than a traditional paper ad and increase your chances of finding the right writer. As you can imagine, choosing the right ghostwriter for your work is tricky. It requires extensive planning and a solid idea of what you want. To help reduce your chances of hiring a walking typo, here are some things to consider as well as some questions to ask yourself before hiring a ghostwriter:.

This drafting process can take anywhere from three months to a year. Editing and publishing: After the final draft is complete, the manuscript goes through editing and publishing. Hiring versus DIY-ing Should you hire a writer or do it yourself? If the answer is a year or longer, you might want to consider hiring a writer. For high-level entrepreneurs, thought leaders, celebrities, or anyone else with more money than time, ghostwriting is an obvious choice. For others, the investment is more of a stretch. If publishing a book will catapult your business or brand to the next level, consider hiring a ghostwriter.

Do I like writing?

Does the idea of writing a book intrigue me? Some people really want to write the book themselves. A book coach helps put together an outline and create a writing plan, as well as gives feedback on your writing and keeps you on track. Once your book is done, look for a skilled editor to bring your writing to its best.

Tips for Working with Ghostwriters

How much time do I have—really? Instead, find something or several somethings to eliminate first. You can also consider starting small with two blog posts a month or one magazine article per quarter. Posted in Guest Post , Publishing Industry and tagged book coach , freelance editing , freelance writing , freelancers , ghostwriter , ghostwriting. Stacy Ennis View posts by Stacy Ennis. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors.

How To Hire A Ghostwriter For A Business Book

Notify of. Top Picks Thursday! Sarah Smith. Stacy Ennis. Uncover Hidden Freelance Writing Opportunities. Richard Lowe. Have you ever wondered how they manage to spend hundreds of hours writing and revising while also conquering the universe? With the help of a ghostwriter, becoming a published author can require as little as 40 hours of your time. But not all ghostwriters are created equal. If you've read a few ghosted books and noticed how many of them sound the same, you can start to appreciate the difference a good ghostwriter makes.

It's all about networking and making contacts

Here are five tips for vetting ghostwriters so you can find the ideal writer to craft your unique story:. Although it's not uncommon for ghostwriting companies to claim their work with past clients is protected by non-disclosure agreements, you should be able to see some full titles and learn about past clients in broad terms. Think: "We worked on a memoir for an athlete that became a New York Times bestseller.

At the very least, ensure the ghostwriter has written a minimum of two books for a major publisher; that way, you know you're considering a professional. For those who are willing to devote a little more time to vetting, read one or two of the ghostwriter's titles. Find out how you feel about the individual's work once you examine it closely. Ghosts who have experience will know what's been written on your topic, what works in your category, and what would inspire curiosity from your target audience.

You should feel like your ghostwriter can help you refine your idea and its promise to make it more salable.