Husbands How to Win Your Wifes Love and Respect

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However, he was still abusing the entire time. Wanting to try a different tactic, told him I was worried about him because of what he was doing and how it affected him. I also let him know I felt it was time to break his habit the hard way instead of the easy way he had been trying to do, tapering his usage.

Now it feels like my husband and I are two ships passing each other. I LOVE your list! What if your husband is just not a respectful person in general to anyone — Even doing things on this list, you still get disrespected everyday, and there is never any love shown.

1. Learn her love language, and then use it every day.

Do you still do the things on the list? There are even some men like my husband who do NOT like being actively pursued at all. He may not mind a little encouragement or a positive response, but my husband is just turned off if I am too sexually assertive. If your husband does not respond well when you initiate or pursue him, then backing off, maybe encouraging him with flirting and smiles, but giving him some space and letting him take the lead, will probably work better in these cases.

Throughout this article it mentions several times to sign up in the sidebar for tips. I am not seeing anything in the sidebar for signing up for this. Please respond. The list should be the same. Shel — Thanks for the question. Research demonstrates that these are relatively common experiences in marriage.

Men and women actually have many different ways of communicating — for example, on average, men and women interrupt differently and view interruptions in different ways. Men view any kind of interrupting as disrespectful and an attempt at control, while women view often see interrupting as participative and demonstrative of empathy and connection.

It really does answer my question. Not all women are made the way you portray them. I already know it. But I do think I am on the same level as a man and do not need to be submissive to have a happy life. Your list of ways to respect a husband are very demeaning. Shel — I respect your opinion and am glad you elaborated.

The list of respect actions is based primarily on what is considered good human relations and the Five Love Languages. For the record, we feel men and women are equal. I wonder, do you see that as demeaning for women who do like that? I agree. I definitely need respect more than love. Actually, respect IS love to me. I want God to use me to help these young ladies. What is the difference between this list and the 40 day Respect Dare challenge? I am contemplating whether I should buy the book or just do this list with a friend.

The list is just a list. Nina, Thank you so much for this list, I was just saying to myself, I need to make a list of all the dares in the Respect Dare book.

God heard me and answered the need. Right now I am reading and writing through the Respect Dare for the second time, the writing is I write out each of the verses at night when I read the dare for the day.

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Skip to content. Your marriage might be hard right now because you might be in Titus 2 Leader Boot Camp. Just think about it… And feel free to add more ideas in the comment section. Be enthusiastic about intimacy, pursuing him… Please hear my heart and consider it. Love to you, Nina. Hi Nina! Yes, but you also have boundaries. Prayers for you.

7 ways a husband needs respect from his wife.

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Why your respect is important to your husband

Thank you. Thank you for sharing these great marriage advice posts, we could all be reminded and given new ways how to respect out spouses. For me the biggest thing is not getting upset with the little things. Wow Kelsey! Thank you for that encouragement.

The Apology – A Husband & Wife Story

I appreciate it. Glad to know you are being ministered through the posts here on CC. What a blessing to hear it!

I can picture that scene now. And for the sake of that marriage, a husband would do well to listen. Women tend to understand the nuances of relationships better than men. Neurophysiologists from Stanford found that women catch subliminal messages faster and more accurately. But you know what else she needs?

11 Ways to Show Respect to Your Husband | FamilyLife®

A husband who has the courage to ask her to share that manual with him. Just be prepared for an all-too-honest answer.

Husbands are supposed to lead the family. But husbands can forget how important it is to get input and advice from their wives. And when husbands listen to their wives, they should not belittle them or respond defensively. Just listening and honoring her perspective paves the way for more productive, loving conversation. It conveys that you respect her thoughts, that her opinions are valued and that what your wife wants is really important to you. And she, in turn, will feel like you value her, and that her ideas are worth consideration. Yes, husbands should listen to their wives, but husbands should also share the decision-making process.