Into Pieces (Part One and Two)

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Show some kindness and respect what a person is going through. I'm not saying be their best friend, just don't be a bully or a jerk! Portions of the Author's Note: Years ago, I did not want to write this story. Years ago, on the city bus, making notes for another story I was writing, I glanced up when I felt someone slide into the seat next to me. I planned to give her only the most perfunctory of glances and go back to my notes, but then my breath caught in my throat.

She had skin like mine. Feeling my eyes on her, she hastily slid down her sleeve, cloaking her thin, fresh red scars from view. I can't tell you how much I wanted to pull up my own sleeves and say, "I'm just like you! You are not alone. Frankly, I was unnerved by her. After years of wearing long shirts, hiding what I had done to myself, in the hopes that I could "have a life," I found myself reeling back to when I was at the very depths of myself, more alone than I have ever been in my life. Years ago, I didn't want to write the story of my scars, or the story of being a girl with scars, because it is hard enough being a girl in the world, but try being a girl with scars on your skin in the world.

I let that girl get off the bus without saying a word. And I shouldn't have. I should have let her know that even mired in the very depths of herself, she wasn't alone. Because she's not. Charlie Davis's story is the story of over two million young women in the United States. And those young women will grow up, like I did, bearing the truth of our past on our bodies.

I wrote the story of Charlie Davis for the cutters and the burners and the kids on the street who have nowhere safe to sleep. I wrote the story of Charlie Davis for their mothers and fathers and for their friends. Charlie Davis finds her voice, and her solace, in drawing.

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I find mine in writing. What's your solace?

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Do you know? Find it and don't stop doing it, ever. Find your people because you need to talk , your tribe, your reason to be, and I swear to you, the other side will emerge, slowly but surely. It's not always sunshine and roses over here, and sometimes the dark can get pretty dark, but it's filled with people who understand, and just enough laughter to soften the edges and get you through the next day.

E Alternatives: selfinjury. View all 38 comments. Jan 12, Lola rated it it was ok Shelves: did-not-finish , mental-illness. I do, after all, tutor a nine-year-old girl who prefers to spend her time trying to make me laugh in any way possible during our sessions instead of doing the work I assign her. But my patience has its limits, especially when it comes to books. There are so many types of books in the world, which is just perfect because there are also so many types of people.

So many new characters are introduced to us. Some boring, but others really curious. So everything went well, reading experience-wise. Sadly, when Charlie was released to the world again, I lost all interest. Suddenly, things slowed down even more and the characters that I found worth reading about in the hospital disappeared from the plot. Right when you start getting attached. Shame, shame. I felt sorry for Charlie, of course I did.

What happened to her the little we learn in pages sounded awful and obviously she deserved none of it. She seemed like a good girl, so I wished her the best. But I just felt like the author wanted to make the book TOO realistic. How can a book be TOO realistic? And we get it, the girl can think, but could she maybe keep some thoughts to herself? Not the major ones, but those that are repetitive, maybe? This is definitely a heroine-driven novel. I read pages and in those pages we know very little about the secondary characters those that are still present, anyway so it does seem to be all about Charlie and her struggles so far.

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Well, pretty much I had really high expectations for this book and sadly it didn't live up to them. I myself self-harmed for two years.

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It's something very personal to me and when I read the author herself was inspired to write this book through her own experiences that gave me hope. I can happily say my favorite thing about this novel was how realistic Kathleen Glasgow handled not only the self-harm aspect but the mental illnesses found in this book as well.

Overall, even though this book didn't exceed to my expectations I would definitely recommend if this sounds like something you would enjoy. View 2 comments. Jun 22, Kayla Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: owned-books. But this wasn't the case with Charlie and I can't really explain why. It didn't really feel forced but natural and understandable how she felt and acted.

I pretty much liked everything about this book except for the ending. It was overdone and extremely unrealistic. I would totally recommend this to everyone who is interested in topics like self harm and mental illnesses. So obviously, trigger warning for these things! View 1 comment. Apr 02, S. The first thing that gripped me about this book was the writing. In places, it reads like poetry. Layer after layer we see what and who has hurt Charlie. Glasgow is The first thing that gripped me about this book was the writing. Glasgow is an artist when it comes to building tension, revealing the ache.

And there is a lot of ache in this book.

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My chest felt tight with fear and compassion for Charlie, a homeless year-old cutter. While Charlie is in therapy, her counselor reminds her to breathe. I had to remind myself to do just that as I read these pages because I wanted so badly for Charlie to survive. I wanted to heal her and comfort her and make the world a better place for her. We see Charlie hide the shame of her scars. We know Charlie feels unloved and unloveable because of her scars.

Her tender kit is her comfort because people are unreliable. People hurt.

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Cutting transfers that pain for a brief swell of moments. This is a book about survival. The horrors of physical survival when you are homeless: getting food, daily shelter, remaining safe in the unprotected dark.

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It is a book about emotional survival and how one teen works through the pain of abandonment and abuse. How she deals with the scars that her family, strangers, and even friends have etched into her heart. For Charlie, that was her drawing. Her art was her language, and it was beautiful.

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