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Personalized Book Lover Throw Pillow. I think the author did a good job developing the character Trish. She leaves more to our interpretation with Mary but we know each carries lots of baggage. The surrounding cast adds to the story, but it's really about the women and their lost mother. This story is a natural to send you in quest for books and information about those afflicted with hoarding. Keepsake is also the kind of book that makes you want to clean, throw out all the paper and other things cluttering your life.

In the end though, the clutter is not the issue, it is the why of why you hang on to things. What kept this from being a 4 star read for me was repetition in use of certain word and sentences. Small quibble but it bothered me enough to note it. I'd give it a 3. Keepsake is an interesting and thought provoking read. View all 4 comments.

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Feb 14, Jessika rated it really liked it Shelves: library , fiction , contemporary , women-s-fiction. Even though I ultimately enjoyed this one, I have to say--this book stressed me out! Hoarding doesn't affect me personally, but I found this to be a very fascinating and informative account of this disorder. With that being said, much like what happens when I watch the show, when I read this, I just wanted to go through my home and throw everything away. I think part of what interests me so much about hoarding is that I can't wrap my head around it--it's so hard for me to understand.

I think that is part of where Riggle excels with this book.

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She takes an inaccessible topic and makes it understandable through the perspective of her characters. Where I struggled with this book was with the characters, which was unusual for me. I get the whole "making a character unlikeable makes them seem more realistic" thing, but this time, it was hard for me to swallow. Mary had her own set of problems, but I found myself more sympathetic towards her. I just really could not stand Trish. Riggle tries, through various reveals, to get the reader to understand her. And I do But I still do not get why she was so nasty, so defensive and such a woe-is-me-everyone-gangs-up-on-me kind of martyr.

I also REALLY disliked her influence on Jack and how she was seemingly unaffected by the fact that she was turning him into a little hoarder. Overall, I really did enjoy this read. I don't think it's something I would re-read, but if you are at all interested in hoarding and are looking for a family drama, this one is for you. Jun 15, Liz Waters rated it it was amazing. I never knew much about hoarding until I read this novel, and now I think I understand how it works. The tragedies that triggered both mother and daughter who succumbed to the hoarding compulsion were real and identifiable, but clearly require the hand of a professional to neutralize.

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The dual narration is something I have never really liked, but in this case it really does work. Both daughters of a woman who died in a fire in her home where things were stacked floor to ceiling and jammed tight I never knew much about hoarding until I read this novel, and now I think I understand how it works. Both daughters of a woman who died in a fire in her home where things were stacked floor to ceiling and jammed tight in room after room were damaged peripherally by her issues.

And, the psychic damage affected each daughter in a different way.

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One inherited the urge to hoard, the other was her diametric opposite, making her work so sterile and tidy that it precluded human relationships. Both women were living in their heads, and might have continued in their self-destructive ways except for the love of a child.

When Trish's son is injured when trapped under a pile of stuff in her overcrowded house, the standard government investigation of an injured child sets a family dynamic into motion that cleans Trish's house, begins to pry open the clamshell of Mary's life and the novel ends on a ray of hope that this supremely dysfunctional family may be redeemed after all.

Apr 25, Lesley rated it really liked it Shelves: christmas-in-july , family. This is family at a breaking point-fix the mess or lose the kid but its not always just that easy! I very well done story of people in crisis! Nov 13, Jan rated it really liked it Shelves: own-copy , favorites , family-drama.