Lengua Búlgara. Curso completo. Parte I (Spanish Edition)

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Language Resources and Evaluation. Q4 JCR 0. Edward Vanhoutte ed.

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Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, Volume 30, Number 2, Erabakiak, egokitzapenak eta berezitasunak. ISBN: Laparra, I. Aldabe, and G. Izquierdo, A. Agerri, X. Artola, Z. Beloki, G. Rigau, and A. Vossen, E.

The long agony of Hispanoromani. The remains of Caló in the speech of Spanish Gitanos

Segers, P. Vossen, M. Rospocher, L. Serafini, E. Laparra, and G. Tectogrammar-based machine translation for English-Spanish and English-Basque. Exploiting portability to build an RBMT prototype for a new source language. SMT error analysis and mapping to syntactic, semantic and structural fixes.

Deliverable D3. Aranberri N. Ebaluatoia ingelesa-euskara itzultzaile automatikoen konparazioa. Donostia Alegria I. Translation of Spanish Multiword Expressions into Basque: linguistic analysis and detection experiment. IkerGazte: nazioarteko ikerketa euskaraz. Kongresuko artikulu bilduma, Document-level adverse drug reaction event extraction on electronic health records in Spanish.

Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, Volume 56, Pages 49— Sanchez, J. Erro, D. Interpretable parametric voice conversion functions based on Gaussian mixture models and constrained transformations. Impact factor 0. Personalized synthetic voices for speaking impaired: website and app, Proceedings of Interspeech, pp.

Manual Lengua Búlgara. Curso completo. Parte I (Spanish Edition)

Proceedings of Interspeech , pp. ISSN: A. Cuadros Oller, G. Arzelus, A. Mendes, M. Raffaelli, T. Paulo, N.

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Piccinini, J. Neto, Automating live and batch subtitling of multimedia contents for several European languages, Multimedia Tools and Applications Journal, M. Serras, N. Perez, M. Torres, A. Saratxaga, J. Sanchez, Z. Wu, I. Hernaez, E. Navas, E.

Synthetic speech detection using phase information Speech Communication, ; 30 - 41 D. Erro, A. Alonso, L. Serrano, D. Tavarez, I. Odriozola, X. Sanchez, I.


Saratxaga, E. Navas, I.

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Hernaez, I. Saratxaga Use of the harmonic phase in synthetic speech detection Proceeding of Iberspeech, ; - A. Valdivielso, D. Alonso, D. Erro, E. Pierard, D. Navas, T. Hernaez, L. Serrano, I. On our Web page you can view a complete description of our product ,and its benefits and how people can speak Spanish in 30 days.

The audiovisual system that One Step to Spanish uses videocassettes, audiocassettes, and books will allow you to comprehend the language by associating sounds and images. The 5 videocassettes will teach you in the comfort of your home without your having to spend long hours at school. Also, they will allow you to study at your own pace and time. No computer knowledge is needed to use this method. Distributor of Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation and integrated software.

Internet Explorer v3. Avec plus de titres, dont 50 dans le seul domaine des langues. Over titles available.

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Build your school, classroom, or any other library. Student Spanish Book Club for children. Cd-Langue Spagnolo www. Cd-Langue Spagnolo. A completly interactive software to help you learn languages at your own pace. A fun way to learn a new language that you and your kids will enjoy. Mientras el sistema arranca en tu computadora aproximadamente un minuto y medio , puedes leer algunas indicaciones para el manejo del sistema en la Language learning cloze tests: Exercises exercise training aids, learn English German Spanish French.

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Offers a Spanish language program in Los Angeles that consists of weekly sessions in an intimate group of students. We offer the best quality translations and software localization at the most competitive prices. Our company uses standard Spanish to allow you to use the same documentation in any Spanish speaking community. Orbes peut assurer la traduction de votre site web dans les langues suivantes : Anglais Allemand Espagnol Italien.