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Good play, great suspense at the end. Sep 07, Julia rated it liked it.

Jul 06, Janine Zachariae rated it liked it. It's kind of a Shakespeare Play - which isn't a wonder when you think about who Maries father was. Anyway, it is good written - my first one by Victor Hugo. It's about a tragic love.

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Queen Marie loves someone whos cheating on her. Noone cheats the Queen! But she's loveblinded and believes in his words. It is a very short story. Just about the time when the Queen decided who should live - her love or Janes? Jul 05, Kristina Marie rated it did not like it Shelves: audio , , librivox , classic. Not my cup of tea, but it grew on me.

I just wish there had been more subtlety. Marie-lynn Bouchard rated it really liked it Dec 13, Zero rated it it was ok May 23, Nicole rated it liked it Nov 20, Michael rated it liked it May 14, Julie Rosalie rated it liked it Jan 12, Jim Green rated it really liked it Nov 29, Tani Rama rated it it was amazing Nov 18, Kay rated it really liked it Dec 26, Linda Engdahl rated it liked it Jul 30, Cheryl Zhou rated it really liked it Feb 06, Larissa Fauber rated it it was ok Dec 10, Marlene rated it it was ok Jun 28, Melodee rated it really liked it Jun 14, Christina rated it liked it May 20, Anastasia rated it liked it Jan 02, Nicolaslincy rated it liked it Mar 01, Still, Henry reminded Brandon not to do anything that would cost him his head, and shooed him on his way to rescue Mary, Dowager Queen of France.

It took her several days of seductive cooing and emotional blackmail, but Mary got her man. She and Brandon plighted their troth before a handful of witnesses in the later half of February, and consummated the union to make it binding. Henry was ripshit when he found out. It tends to get downplayed, because the Brandons got away with their defiance, but Henry was not one to turn the other cheek when his royal authority was impugned.

Not only had he lost a prime international pawn when his sister took herself off the market, he lost any chance of getting her huge dowry back from France. Worse, the man who betrayed his trust was his best friend. Talk about salt in the wound!

Widowed, Mary could be hitched anew. If Henry had been already become as bonkers and ill-tempered as he would be in the s, Brandon would have gotten a grave next to Tower Hill rather than forgiveness. Fortunately for Suffolk, Henry was still in his right mind and the duke had an unexpected ally in Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. There was almost no way they could ever come up with this much.

Brandon also had to give up the lucrative wardship of his former betrothed, Elizabeth Grey, so his income was curtailed in the face of this huge expenditure. Did Mary ever regret her choice?

Mary Tudor by Victor Hugo

But perhaps I do Brandon wrong. Itching for a fight, Howard entered several skirmishes, anxious to achieve some sort of victory. On the 22nd April , the French attacked the English fleet, sinking one ship and badly damaging another. Come aboard again! Demoralised after the death of the Admiral, the English fleet fled back to Plymouth.

The queen regent, however, successfully organised the defence of the north with the assistance of the Earl of Surrey the father of Lord Thomas Howard. The Mary Rose was part of this victory as a troop transport ship. Skirmishes continued until a peace was signed, with the Mary Rose involved in the final fighting of the war on the 14th June This saw the dismantling of the masts and rigging, the removal of anchors, pulleys and other such equipment, as well as the removal of the armaments of the ship.

The Mary Rose briefly returned to service in June as Henry mobilized all of his most prestigious ships to escort him to France for the meeting of the Field of the Cloth of Gold. This meeting between Henry and Francis I of France was a glamourous display of the wealth and grandeur of the two countries, as the two rival kings attempted to find solutions to their differences and prevent future wars.

mary tudor

In May , Charles arrived in England. At 2pm on the 30th May , the two kings boarded and inspected the Henry Grace a Dieu and the Mary Rose; Henry was showing off his favourite ships. Shortly afterwards, the fleet set off from Southampton. Surrey successfully attacked the Breton port of Morlaix on 1st July but the supplies that he requested in order to take Brest never arrived. He had no choice but to return to Portsmouth. The Admiral was redeployed and given command of a land force at Calais at this point; the Vice-Admiral, Sir William Fitzwilliam, also chose the Mary Rose to be his flagship.

The second war with France was mostly a collection of skirmishes, with very little actually happening until and the Battle of Pavia, which ended the war. The English, however, had nothing to do with Pavia, which saw King Francis captured by Spanish forces. The fleet does not seem to have been mobilised at all throughout and the Mary Rose was moved to Deptford that summer to be recaulked.

Extra gunports were added and the sides of the ship were strengthened in order to accommodate the extra weight. Unfortunately, the new alterations to the Mary Rose may have cost her her impressive sailing. In , Henry mobilized the fleet once more, in fear of a joint invasion from France and Spain. Henry had been excommunicated by the Pope for declaring himself Head of the Church of England and he feared the Catholic powers of Europe would attack. In the summer of , the Mary Rose was anchored at Deptford, ready to defend the Thames.

The reasons for Henry entering this war are unclear, although it is worth noting that his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, had been found guilty of adultery and executed just four months previously; perhaps Henry was desperate to prove his power and masculinity in the face of this humiliation. It is not known whether or not the Mary Rose was part of the fleet that took Henry himself to Calais in , although it is likely, since most of the fleet was involved.

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In September , Henry captured the French town of Boulogne. However, his alliance with Charles of Spain fell apart and England was left isolated against France.

This fleet was significantly larger than the Spanish Armada nearly 50 years later, which totalled ships. Against this number, the English amassed around 80 ships. Lisle sent fireships in amongst the anchored French fleet at Le Havre to burn the French ships; the French flagship, the gun Philippe, burned.

On the 12th July , the French set sail, reaching the Sussex coast on the 18th. After an insignificant raid in Sussex, the French fleet entered the Solent on the 19th July. When the French fleet arrived, Henry watched from Southsea Castle.

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