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The Positive of Painful Experiences

At first, Brett and Jeremy have a straight-forward if somewhat odd relationship that develops from Brett and Jeremy being tutor and student. When Brett finds out Jeremy is sleeping with other guys, he dumps him and begins to explore the attraction he shares with Sam. Meanwhile Sam and Brett cautiously begin their own relationship, now that Jeremy is out At first, Brett and Jeremy have a straight-forward if somewhat odd relationship that develops from Brett and Jeremy being tutor and student. Meanwhile Sam and Brett cautiously begin their own relationship, now that Jeremy is out of the picture.

Jan 18, Kara rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m. Brett's first year of collage is not going well You get the crazy stalker EX with this book along with new love.

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The way this author wrote these characters and this story was really good. It grabbed me from the start of this story even though there were times that Brett's decisions were annoying and made me want to pull my hair out lol. You get a little action and some angst along with some steam too. Brett and Sam must go through a lot on their way to a relationship with each other.

But I Brett's first year of collage is not going well But I loved the fact that even when times were tuff they were both there for each other. So I will leave this review with I really liked this book and would recommend it! I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from Inked Rainbow Reads. Dec 15, Brandilyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , mm.

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Sep 26, jules rated it liked it Shelves: bullying-intimidation-stalking , abuse , friends-to-lovers , genre-romance , genre-ya-na-fiction , rape-assault-dub-con , relationship-m-m. Nov 27, Khloe Kowalski rated it liked it Shelves: new-adult , mm , mm-romance , college. I am giving this 3. Those of you who know me know I usually round up but I had some reservations about this that kept it from being 4 stars.

Brett the MC is fairly young for an adult novel he's 18 and he acted very much like a teenager. I couldn't complain though because I knew that going in and the writing itself didn't feel juvenile or YA-like. New Adult is an exciting genre but it can very easily have characters that are too immature when it's basically "YA but with sex".

Kudos to I am giving this 3. Kudos to S.

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  5. Wynne for walking that line with grace. Brett was immature but I liked him well enough. My problem was with Sam. Usually my one complaint with single POV stories is that I want to hear the other side too, and in this case I would have liked to have seen into Sam's head so some of his more infuriating decisions could have been better explained.


    I did enjoy this story overall and S. Wynne is clearly a talented writer. I look forward to reading more of their books in the future.

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    Jul 07, Kristof rated it it was amazing. Very realistic. The author has a good writing style. The story itself has everything you want: from the lucky romance to the unhinged manipulitive ex. The character of Brett is extremely realistic as he shows all the characteristics of someone being stalked by a former lover and denying it. Brett Very realistic. Brett is forced to do a considerable amount of growing up during the course of the story, and his character develops a great deal. Intense Wow!

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    I love obsessive stalkers, it's one of my favourite tropes. I thought the characters were interesting and kept my interest throughout the story. Lots of sexual tension between the three main characters. I really liked the author's writing style. I'll definitely be reading more from SC Wynne. Jan 18, Tori added it. Painful Lessons is a fast moving, relatively uncomplicated coming of age story about a young man, Brett, whose first year at college leaves him feeling even more alone in the world. The foreshadowing is strong, adding to the anticipation and suspense vibe that flavors the storyline. We know what is coming, all that remains is to see how Brett will deal with it. The physical connection he receives from sex gives him the emotional connection he craves. A nice balance between the angst and humor in the narrative helps to keep the story from becoming to dark.

    I admit it was hard for me to really like Brett. He is essentially a brat which is often a turnoff for me but I felt that was more due to his youth than anything else. He is young, immature, and whiny as most are at this age. His thoughts and emotions ping pong from extreme happiness, to overwhelming despair, to irrational anger at the drop of a hat.

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    He questions everything done and said to him, looking for hidden agendas because he has a hard time accepting that he is a likable, attractive person. Brett has two men demanding his attention-Sam and Jeremy. The author presents these two men in the classic good vs evil senario-each vying for the prize which is Brett. Sam is a sweet, good-natured, attractive young man whose friendship and concern over Brett is like a balm to his soul.

    Sam asks for nothing from Brett besides his friendship. Jeremy is described as mysterious, dark, and sexy. He manipulates Brett by appealing to his insecurities and uses sex to control him. The romance and sexual scenes between the two are worlds apart; further showcasing the differences between these two men. It starts off strong but falters when Wynne chooses to keep it low key and push it along at a faster pace than I thought necessary. It ends on a good note but while the intent was strong, the development was weak. And that was my main issues with this story.

    At times the storyline rushed, choosing to skip over some pivotal points that I wished the author would have stopped to further develop, while at others it dragged and drew out certain scenes that were self-explanatory. The ending is a climactic scene that wraps up the story with a bit more pomp and circumstance than I felt was necessary. The immaturity of the main character and the uneven consistently of the story flow kept me from fully engaging but not enough to turn me off from finishing.

    Jan 17, Kiki Clark rated it it was amazing Shelves: angst , contemporary-romance , emotion-or-h-c , mm , richie-rich , student , new-adult , suspense. Wynne was a wonderfully engrossing story of a young man who finds himself engaged in a scenario seen way too often nowadays. The skillful way S. I really enjoyed S. The way she used a past tense first-person narrative really worked for the story. Brett, the narrator, shares his journey in a painfully honest way with the added insights of reflections.

    It really kept me in suspense and unable to put the book down. After everything he goes through, he maintains his ability to crack jokes and be a bit of a smartass. Which is a great counterpoint to such a heavy subject matter. His relationship with his father is terrible and he never learned to value himself.

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