Quelle gouvernance au service de la mobilité durable? (Sociologies et Environnement) (French Edition)

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La fiche descriptive du stage est disponible ici.

Contact : Magali Berthou bioferme77 phytorestore. Approach of this project is based on the exploitation of available biodiversity data and the land use and its changes in the Mediterranean basin between characterised in the first year of the DIVERCROP project.

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Both emblematic biodiversity i. However, biodiversity of cultivated habitats and notably the soil biodiversity playing a major role in the agroecosystems functioning is not centralised in the database.

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One of the objectives of this project is to establish relationships between the cultivated habitats and the soil biodiversity in the Mediterranean climatic context. The aim of the internship will be to establish relationships ad functions between these factors and soil biodiversity from a meta-analysis of studies published in in a Mediterranean climate context. These functions will be estimated by cultivated habitat types, soil types and cropping systems ie, rotation and tillage practices, cover crop management, amendment, fertilization and irrigation and related to crop yield.

Master 2 student in agroecology or soil ecology. Motivation for research and stastiscal analyses R software are requested.

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The candidate should present a scientific rigor and a good level in English. He she will have to appreciate the work in autonomy. Global effects of land use on local terrestrial biodiversity. Nature, , Kleijn, D. On the relationship between farmland biodiversity and land-use intensity in Europe. Cannavo agrocampus-ouest. La fiche descriptive de l'offre de stage est disponible ici.

Dimassi, Anglais lu couramment.

Stage rémunéré en recherche en sciences du sol - OS92

Conditions du stage Encadrement : S. Andrianarisoa sitraka. Detriche sebastien. Envoyer CV et lettre de motivation avant le 10 janvier Echantillonnage sur le terrain et analyse des sols au laboratoire. Mise en regard le stockage de carbone dans la biomasse et quantification du stockage total. Bonne aptitude au travail de terrain et de laboratoire. Quels sont leurs impacts? This project called Bio4Safe gather scientific and professional structures from the Netherlands, England, France and Belgium.

These products are sold for different applications on specific crops legumes, horticultures, flowers, Biostimulants are for example able to reduce water and fertilizer consumption by these crops. Nevertheless, it appears that this market is not clear for professionals and there is a lack for scientific evidence and proofs of functioning of one molecule on different crops. It is now important to have these evidences and proofs of concept, one of the objectives of the project.

This work will also help the European administration in their work and considerations aiming at giving a clear framework for the use of biostimulants and clarify the market. In this context, the objectives are: To test the application of five biostimulants, of which three from seaweed extracts, on lettuce and tomato.

To measure the impact of the use of these products on water and fertilizer consumption by the crops. To test different tools and sensors to follow the crop physiology and propose the best available solution for professionals.

Le Tunnel du soleil ou la mobilité durable

Also propose new sensors for the next steps take part in the project animation, meetings, Profile Master 2 student in agriculture Interest for agronomy and experimental work Deductive and analytical skills. Starting date around March if possible, 6 months. Send your CV and cover letter to the above contacts before 15 th of December Plus d'information dans la fiche descriptive de l' offre. Permis de conduire B requis. Plus d'information dans la fiche descriptive de l' offre. Responsables de stage : Laure Vidal-Beaudet, enseignante-chercheure 02 41 22 54 23, beaudet agrocampus-ouest. Cornu inra.

Coll, R. Cardinael et K. Chevallier, B. Moulin US Imago , C. Gomez Lisah. Chevallier ird. For example, OECD tests should be performed in artificially spiked and homogenised soils. When these tests are applied in real contaminated soil samples, and even in the field, the validity of the results may be questioned: Soil contamination in real soils is not homogeneous, and earthworms will probably avoid the zones with the highest contaminant concentration, providing potentially confusing results on soil toxicity. Earthworm burrow systems have been recently characterized using 3D-microimaging, in particular using X-ray computed tomography CT 4,5 Figure 1.

France Télécom: un cas d'école dans un système mortifère

This technique allows a 3-dimensional reconstruction of earthworm movement in soil and its monitoring with time. Therefore, the use of this technique will help us to determine any modification that may occur in the behavioural patterns of earthworms when they are introduced in an ecotoxic environment. The aim of the proposed internship will be to study the behaviour of different earthworm species in mesocosm configurations containing soil samples with different properties and contaminated in different configurations homogeneous contamination, contaminated in linear gradients 6 or soil with a discrete contamination spot.

In parallel, the burrow system of earthworms will be monitored with time using CT imaging, in order to discern earthworm behaviour in the contaminated scenarios considered. On the other hand, other basic toxicity features, such as reproducibility and survival will be assessed for each scenario, following OECD guidelines. These experiences will be a base for the discussion of the validity of standardized bioassays to be used in the field or in actual contaminated soil samples.

In close collaboration with Dr. Julia Clause and Dr. A definite objective of the internship will be the writing of a publication in English on which the intern will be a co-author. For further information or to apply contact maria. More information here. Comment varient-t-ils au cours du temps? Good knowledge in uni- and multivariate statistics with R program. English writing capacities. Student with a strong interest in data analysis.

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General context of the study: The assessment of the soil quality and its impact on ecosystem services and goods is a scientific and societal issue that has been widely debated in the literature over the last twenty years. Forests, Trees and Livelihoods , 27 1 : Local tree knowledge can fast-track agroforestry recommendations for coffee smallholders along a climate gradient in Mount Elgon, Uganda. AgroForestry Systems , 92 6 : Mathematical modelling of the dynamics of the socio-economic vulnerability of rural Sahelian households in a context of climatic variability.

Modeling Earth Systems and Environment , 4 3 : Mediterranean forests, land use and climate change: A socio-ecological perspective. Regional Environmental Change , 18 3 : Navigating protected areas as social-ecological systems: integration pathways of French nature reserves. Regional Environmental Change , 18 2 : Perceptions of the role played by aquaculture and the services it provides for territories: Complementarity of survey types.

Open Journal of Ecology , 8 4 : Predictive gravity models of livestock mobility in Mauritania: The effects of supply, demand and cultural factors. PloS One , 13 7 :e, 21 p. Purpose, processes, partnerships, and products: Four Ps to advance participatory socio-environmental modeling. Ecological Applications , 28 1 : Cahiers Agricultures , 27 5 , 6 p. Redes - Revista do Desenvolvimento Regional , 23 2 : Reducing inequalities within countries: Assessing the potential of the sustainable development goals. Global Policy , 9 1 : Les Cahiers de l'Association Tiers-monde 33 : Sociotechnical controversies as warning signs for niche governance.

Agronomy for Sustainable Development , 38 5 , 12 p. Systematic literature review in social life cycle assessment. Systems thinking in practice: Participatory modeling as a foundation for integrated approaches to health. Frontiers in Veterinary Science , 5 , 8 p. Territory matters: Exploring the functioning of an innovation system through the filter of local territorial practices - the example of the adoption of cashew trees in Burkina Faso. Journal of Rural Studies , 63 : Towards place-based research to support social—ecological stewardship.

Article de revue

Sustainability , 10 5 , 21 p. Un patrimoine alimentaire endormi. Unleashing meiotic crossovers in crops. Nature Plants , 4 : Urban human-elephant conflict in Zimbabwe: A case study of the mitigation endeavour. Pachyderm 59 : Validating the Ccity region food system approach: Enacting inclusive, transformational city region food systems.

Sustainability , 10 5 , 23 p. Variability of household fuelwood consumption in a rural Sudano-Sahelian context in Burkina Faso. Energy for Sustainable Development , 47 : What drives the vulnerability of rural communities to climate variability? Consensus and diverging views in the Congo Basin. Climate and Development , 10 1 : AgroForestry Systems , 92 1 : The dynamic relationship between sense of place and risk perception in landscapes of mobility. Ecology and Society , 23 2 , 14 p. A socio-geographical approach to the diversity of urban agriculture in a West African city.

Landscape and Urban Planning , : Gaunand Ariane ed. Cahiers Agricultures , 27 :n.