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Both studies compared the genes of a wide variety of living dogs and wolves, but modern samples can be deceptive.

Dogs and wolves diverged so recently that many of their genes have not had time to separate into distinct lineages. They have also repeatedly hybridized with each other, further confusing their genealogies.

They compared these ancient sequences to those from 49 modern wolves and 77 modern dogs, and built a family tree that charts their relationships. The tree conclusively pinpointed Europe as the major nexus of dog domestication.

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It identified four clades of modern dogs, which are all most closely related to ancient European canids rather than wolves from China or the Middle East. According to this new tree, the largest clade of domestic dogs last shared a common ancestor 18, years ago, and collectively, they last shared a common ancestor with a wolf around 32, years ago.

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They must have been domesticated at some point during this window. These molecular dates fit with fossil evidence.

CARTA: Domestication: Transformation of Wolf to Dog; Fox Domestication; Craniofacial Feminization

The oldest dog fossils come from Western Europe and Siberia, and are thought to be at least 15, years old. By contrast, those from the Middle East and East Asia are believed to be 13, years old, at most.

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The dates also make it unlikely that dogs were domesticated during the Agricultural Revolution, which took place millennia later. Content related to domesticate Khajiit Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions.

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Examples from the Web for domestication What I see happening, with writers like Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer, is the domestication of the vampire. Our Domestic Birds John H. Charles Darwin.