The Molly Murders

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He had been bludgeoned to death. He told detectvies that Jason refused to let Molly go and so he hit his son-in-law with the bat.

Parents' plea over Molly McLaren knife murder review - BBC News

Molly told police that when she realized he was going to hit her father, she grabbed a concrete paving brick from their nightstand and struck Jason. Martens then got the baseball bat back and began hitting Jason repeatedly. The father and daughter stated that Jason had been abusive for several years, and he threatened to kill Molly on the night of the incident. On August 9, , a jury found the father and daughter guilty of murdering Jason, after deciding that they did not act in self-defense.

However, the father and daugther appealed their conviction on the grounds that they did not recieve a fair trial. The Irish government has become invovled, with Irish officials asking the Department of Foreign Affairs to explain the delay. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

By Angelica N. Almost one year after Joshua Stimpson was found guilty of the murder of University of Kent student Molly McLaren a Channel 5 documentary will explore the callous actions of the coldblooded killer. It will explore the untimely deaths of young women killed by their stalker ex-partners, with the first instalment focusing on the horrific daylight murder of Molly McLaren in Chatham.

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Molly McLaren Documentary 'Stalked: Murder In Slow Motion' Leaves Viewers Devastated

In it, her friends tell of how the 'Mr Right' she met on Tinder turned into her stalker and ultimately, killer. It is hoped that by telling Molly's horrific story awareness around issues of cyber stalking will be raised and addressed. Stimpson, 26, killed his ex-girlfriend in a frenzied knife attack on June 29, , while she sat in her car in the Chatham Dockside Outlet, stabbing her a total of 75 times. Once it was clear Molly was dead, Stimpson , from Wouldham, calmly walked away from her car, his white shirt soaked with her blood.

Molly, 23, had been to the gym but left when Stimpson arrived, telling her friends in a haunting last Whatsapp : "I feel like I'm looking over my shoulder all the time". The court also heard how a witness had spotted Stimpson attack Molly and had tried to pull him out of the car and had even attempted to slam the car door on his leg to stop the onslaught.

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Meanwhile two of Stimpsons ex-girlfriends told the court how he had also stalked them after they split. Alexandra Dale said he would follow and take pictures of her and also sent her a photo of her back garden.

Police had warned Stimpson twice to stay away from Molly and he was last spoken to by cops on June 27, , just two days before her death. But only three days after Molly broke up with Stimpson, he went to Asda to buy a small kitchen knife. He then went to Homebase to buy a pickaxe. He kept these weapons in his car until the day of the murder.

Stimpson was locked away for a minimum of 26 years on February 6, following Molly's murder in broad daylight. He admitted manslaughter with diminished responsibility but jurors rejected his plea, taking less than three hours to convict him of murder. You took away Molly's life, quite deliberately in the most vicious fashion.

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You did this because she had brought the relationship with you to an end about 12 days before this killing. You spent time stalking her in the gym and then you lay in wait for her in the car park, waiting until she got into her car so that she was trapped when you got in and launched your attack. You were determined to punish her for finishing the relationship with you. You were seeking revenge. This was a premeditated killing, there was planning.

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You can find out more about the devastating effect of fentanyl and how it's taken the lives of many in Kent, including teenagers. Kent is a great place to eat and here is the hidden food capital , as well as the town that became one of the county's top food destinations. High streets are the backbone of Kent but they face a daily battle against major chains and the dangers of crime.

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